Fork lift PC

These PCs are especially optimized for use on forklifts. They are shakeproof and can withstand strong vibrations and shocks. The compact housings of the forklift PCs are optimized for the limited space available in the forklift. The very bright TFT touch displays can also be easily read from the side.

The stacker PCs with IP protection class 65 are protected against the penetration of dust and running water. The protection class can be increased to IP67 against the ingress of condensation water when the temperature range changes rapidly. The devices are suitable for use in the deep-freeze area down to minus 30 C° operating temperature. The PCs can be operated without keyboard via the touch display.

The connection to the network is via WLAN. Goods receipts/issues or stock transfer postings can be carried out directly via the corresponding client software. Via the interfaces such as USB, e.g. hand scanners or keyboards can be connected. Bluetooth also enables the connection of mobile printers or hand scanners.

The power supply for the PC is provided by the on-board power supply of the truck. On some models, an integrated uninterruptible power supply maintains operation when the truck battery is changed.

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